RFID Asset Management Solutions


Asset Management Solutions

Identify, track, manage and optimize the deployment of critical assets for improved business efficiency. By enabling improvements in sourcing, visibility, security and accuracy, Intrasys helps you ensure the right asset is in the right place at the right time. No matter your need or size of your company, Intrasys has the technology and software products to help you create a robust IntraAMS™ to bring accuracy and visibility to asset control.

RFID-Enabled Warehouse for Efficiency and Productivity

Automates Tracking and Asset Management Process

Moving the asset through a reader’s read zone or vicinity will automatically update the asset management system.

Real-time Access to Current Asset Movements

Generates report and view current asset data through a centralized web-based asset management portal with real-time updates.

Automatic Alerts for Unauthorized Access

Triggers automatic alerts and warnings for detection of unauthorized assets in a restricted or monitored zone.

Case Studies

Tool Tracking

Automatically track and easily monitor tools in real-time. Streamline issuing, loaning, collection and return operations with greatly simplified and automated tracking process by taking only a fraction of the time it would otherwise have taken to count and monitor the items manually with IntraAMS™.

Personnel Tracking

Know where all personnel are in real-time to maximize efficiency. Alert workers and managers if workers enter a hazardous area or leave a safe area or instantly locate a worker who is fallen or injured. IntraAMS™ ‘s high performance RFID readers and advanced software can be used in a broad range of situations.

Pallet and Warehouse Tracking

Automatically verifying pallet identification and rack/door location to avoid mis-shipments or erroneous placements, IntraAMS™ for forklift’s customization can provide pinpoint load location, assign dynam- ic routing, monitor load time, reduce empty moves, and improve the overall productivity and utilization of your forklift fleet.

IntraAMS Applications

“IntraAMS™ provides real-time overview of your entire asset, enabling informed and timely decision-making that enhances all areas of asset management.”

RFID Gantry

Complete Tracking

Manage and gain control of your asset through cloud-based solutions that provide flexibility and ease of use.

RFID Desktop Reader

Full Reporting

Acquire reports and data sets from your assets to gain knowledge and insights as well as performing actionable decisions.

RFID Handheld Reader

Flexible Data

Multiple API web-services available to enable data integration into your existing applications with minimal effort.


RFID Deployment Options

RFID Gantry

RFID Gantry

Gantry based allows automated update of asset status every time an asset passes through the Gantry.

RFID Handheld Reader

RFID Handheld

Handheld provides for mobility and is an cost effective way for updating assets and providing updates.

UHF and Active

UHF and Active

UHF and Active are most frequently used to reliably track asset to ensure 100% read rate.

"With Intrasys' Asset Tracking Solution, all asset control now becomes automated with real-time information update." - Ross, Mobi Mobile