RFID Laundry Asset Management

RFID Laundry Asset Management System

Customized for Retail and Hospitality

From bed sheets and towels to bathrobes and uniforms, hospitality establishments of all sizes must manage tens of thousands of textile items each year. Off-site laundry service provider around the world are rapidly turning to Intrasys RFID Laundry Asset Management Solutions to decrease shrinkage, automate linen management and distribution, and increase visibility into a garment’s laundering and usage for an increasing number of customers.

For laundry organizations, managing linens and uniforms for hundreds to thousands of workers can be a laborious process, with some places tracking tens of thousands of apparel items individually assigned to each hotel. Keeping track of other textile items is also a tricky task, with hotels balancing the need to never run out with their limited storage space for safety stock and ensuring that laundry organizations deliver on time. And as many resorts continue to send items off-site for laundering, laundry organizations have minimal visibilty into what percentage of items are returned for linen and uniform stocks. Intrasys RFID Laundry Management offers solution to each of these issues.

Intrasys RFID Laundry Asset Management Solution works as follows for the laundry organizations:

  • RFID tags sewn into each garment are rubber-encapsulated inlays built to withstand high-temperatures and repeated washing,drying and ironing.
  • RFID readers installed in doorways to monitor garments as they move to be cleaned. Readers also register items as they are returned to customers.
  • RFID software updates the status of the garment depending on its location and numerous data including times of wash and time.
  • Hand held RFID mobile readers are used for stock taking. Customers can also login to a central web-based management system to have full visibility and traceability of their linens.

Intrasys RFID Laundry Asset Management Solution software holds information such as how many times an item has been used and laundered, as well as how long it was at site and if it hasn’t returned to customers. Resorts or laundry organizations can use this data to determine how many washes an item can withstand before needing replacement, as well as visibility of all items and if items are being lost at laundry facilities.

RFID Laundry Asset Management System

RFID Gantry

Complete Tracking

Manage and gain control of your asset through cloud-based solutions that provide flexibility and ease of use.

RFID Desktop Reader

Full Reporting

Acquire reports and data sets from your assets to gain knowledge and insights as well as performing actionable decisions.

RFID Handheld Reader

Flexible Data

Multiple API web-services available to enable data integration into your existing applications with minimal effort.

RFID Deployment Options

RFID Fixed

RFID Fixed

Fixed RFID solution allows automated of asset update upon entering a tracked premise.

RFID Handheld Reader

RFID Handheld

Handheld provides for mobility and is an cost effective way for updating assets and providing updates.

UHF and Active

UHF and Active

UHF and Active are most frequently used to reliably track asset to ensure 100% read rate.

"Intrasys proved to be the best suited among competitors to solve complex asset management challenges with their deep domain expertise and flexibility" - Peter Lee, Director, EuroCellular