Real-time Location System (RTLS) for Personnel Tracking in vehicles

Sembcorp Design and Construction implements RTLS solution using Intrasys Active RFID Personnel Tracking Solution to monitor personnel even in vehicles travelling up to 30km/hour. With RFID, Sembcorp gain greater visibility into personnel real-time location, providing greater security for their facilities.

Intrasys RFID Solution delivers

  • 100% read accuracy for personnel tracking in vehicles, providing full read coverage.
  • Personnel Tracking Solution through RFID, providing automated entry/exit tracking.
  • Real-time update within 1 second of read, allowing for immediate feedback.


Sembcorp explored the possibility of implementing a RFID system for automated personnel tracking in vehicles. Initially, Sembcorp considered passive RFID solution which can only provide a range on 6m in most ideal cases. In addition to the short range, the passive RFID solution cannot guarantee full read for personnel in vehicle. Intrasys helps solve this problem by providing Active RFID Solution.

Sembcorp chose Intrasys' Active RFID Personnel Tracking Solution because the web-based solution provides full audit trial and reporting, and it is able to provide 100% read accuracy in harsh conditions up to 80m in range. The RFID solution is able to provide real-time personnel location tracking. However, another challenge was the unique environment for the deployment and Intrasys worked around by providing highly customized version of Directional Linear Antenna to suit their needs in order to achieve constant maximum read.

The Intrasys' Active RFID Personnel Tracking Solution has not only delivered, but also exceed the expectation of Sembcorp. With RFID-enabled setup for its operation, personnel can now be automatically tracked upon entry and exit of the premise without the need for exchanging visitor pass which could be costly. The accuracy is 100% in real-time and now requires less work. This unlocks a wealth of possibilities in Intrasys' roadmap towards a robust personnel tracking system for all our customers.

How It Works

Intrasys installed 2 Linear Directional Antenna that is specifically tuned to prevent cross reads. These antennae are directed connected to 2 Active RFID readers that provide output to turn on LED light for real-time feedback. All personnel are equipped with a Fob Tag that is also attached to their work pass. Upon in range on the antenna, the tag would transmit information and this information is registered in real-time with Intrasys Active RFID Personnel Tracking Solution.

The web-based Personnel Tracking Solution also provides updated information on full personnel location data and is able to generate useful reports.

Intrasys' Tags, transmitting at 2.45Ghz, provide accurate readings at all times. Up to 150 personnel are tagged in a year, with all being automatically tracked upon entry or exit via Active RFID readers. On picking up of any personnel, data from the reader is transferred to the web-based Personnel Tracking Solution to provide real-time feedback on the personnel location and information. All movements and details can be retrieved in real-time from the system.

Sembcorp is now able to continually monitor personnel entering or exiting their facility. This helps both personnel and management to easily update locations. Prior to RFID, personnel had to alight from vehicle, exchange work pass, before being allowed to enter the facility. The RFID system improves not only improves security by automated 100% reading for up to 80m, but also saves time.


Sembcorp has greatly benefited due to the implementation of RFID and Intrasys' Active RFID Personnel Tracking Solution. First, personnel no longer have to perform manual pass exchange at guard house; personnel, regardless if on vehicle or on foot, can now directly access the facility and has its location updated in real-time, meaning that the personnel can now spend time on working productivity.

Second, management now has 100% visibility of the facility. Once any personnel enters or exit the facility, the personnel movement is tracked by RFID in real-time and its position is updated. Management can easily locate personnel, expending less time and effort required for searching. This complete Personnel Tracking Solution helps prevent costly time needed for manual work, improves ability to locate persoonel, and provide useful data to allow management to optimize the process.

Due to the success of the Intrasys' Active RFID Personnel Tracking Solution, Sembcorp is considering to deploy the same setup for all its new facilities.

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