• Phuket Disaster Resilience Foundation

    PDRF (Thailand) has chosen Intrasys to implement RFID for Disaster Response Inventory islandwide.
  • Envision Digital

    Envision has appointed Intrasys as a provider of RFID RTLS for its Smart Building Implementation.
  • ST Electronics

    ST Electronics has engaged Intrasys for the implementation of RFID Asset Management System for warehouse operations.
  • Defence Science and Technology Agency

    Intrasys has been awarded the provider of RFID Automation Project for various initiatives.
  • Singapore Management University (SMU)

    SMU has engaged Intrasys to supply RFID and IOT equipments for the development of smart devices.
  • National Library Board (NLB)

    Intrasys implemented RFID Overhead Reader System with NEC for Real-Time Tracking of books and assets.
  • Singapore Post

    Intrasys develops first RFID Registered Article Dropbox in Singapore with SingPost Flagship Smart Post Office.
  • NTU

    Nanyang Technology University (NTU) engages Intrasys as RFID Solution Partner in collaboration with various public and private sectors.
  • HonestBee

    HonestBee has named Intrasys as the RFID Solution Provider for implementation of various RFID Technologies for Retail.
  • Alsco

    Alsco has named Intrasys as the RFID Solution Provider for the implementation of RFID Laundry Management System with Gantry.
  • Safran Electronics

    Safran engages Intrasys for RFID Tools Tracking Solution Trial for the management of tools in the Aerospace Industry.
  • Biztex

    Biztex has appointed Intrasys to roll out RFID Inventory Management System for their textile operations spanning from warehouse to retail front.

    A*STAR's ARTC has appointed Intrasys to develop a tailored RFID Asset Management System to manage consumables and assets for their research facility.
  • JSI Logistics

    JSI Logistics has chosen Intrasys as their valued added partner for RFID implementation in their logistical operations.
  • Yusen Logistics

    Yusen Logistics commissions Intrasys to manage their warehouse inventory with RFID Technology.
  • ST Engineering

    Intrasys and ST Engineering to work closely together on development of Large Scale RFID Systems.
  • Fox Offshore

    Fox Offshore has confirmed Intrasys as the provider of RFID Asset Management Solution for its assets.
  • Franck Muller

    Franck Muller engages Intrasys to develop RFID Inventory Management System for their warehouse operations.
  • Megawatt Engineering

    Intrasys worked with Megawatt to provide value added services using RFID Asset Management Solution for offshore oil rigs.
  • Rutledge Omni Services

    Rutledge Engages Intrasys to Deploy RFID for Drilling and Exploration Activites to improve productivity and provides automation.
  • UTC Aerospace Systems (GASCA)

    Intrasys implemented RFID Automation for Goodrich Aerospace Services Center Asia (GASCA), a subsidiary of one of the world’s largest suppliers of technologically advanced aerospace and defense products.
  • Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore

    Intrasys has been awarded the Corsortium Technology Lead for the Aerospace Industry by CAAS to drive productivity improvement across aerospace sector with RFID solutions.
  • Shun Zhou Group

    Intrasys provides RFID Warehouse Management Solution with complete SAP B1 Integration to improve stock accuracy and increases productivity.
  • SMRT Trains

    Intrasys provides RFID Asset Management Solution for SMRT that enables SMRT to identify, track, manage and optimize the deployment of critical assets for improved business efficiency.
  • NEC Corporation

    Intrasys works with NEC to provide 2-Factor Authentication using RFID and NEC's Facial Recognition Devices.
  • Sembcorp Design and Construction

    Intrasys implemented Real-Time Location System (RTLS) that tracks all contract personnel in vehicles with 100% accuracy.
  • Paul Frank Singapore

    Intrasys implemented Hand-Held Mobile RFID solutions that provide greater visibility into item-level locations, changing how they operate their stores and warehouses.
  • Ng Ai Muslim Poultry Warehouse

    Intrasys Warehouse RFID solutions enabled high density racks and forklifts with RFID to improve productivity in cold store warehouse.
  • Sanmina-SCI

    Intrasys provides RFID real-time location system (RTLS) solution to increase productivity by reducing the rate of idling magazines.
  • Singapore Post

    Intrasys provides Parcel Sorting Solution that automatically sorts parcel to increase parcel throughput rate and accuracy.
  • IFM Electronics

    Intrasys provides Fixed Gantry RFID Solution to automatically track parcels entering and exiting the warehouses.
  • NTUC FairPrice

    Intrasys provides Fixed Gantry RFID Solution that integrates with Warehouse Management System to automatically send real-time parcel data.
  • Tan Tock Seng Hospital

    Intrasys caters and consults for Tan Tock Seng to evaluate the use of RFID Inventory Management System and Mobile RFID devices.